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The DaniSoft Srl Network Division is the main entry point for all DaniSoft Networking Services.
From here we provide network support, e-mail, Web Hosting and Java Web Applications Services.

This server do not run any application for the end user.

For more info about Danisoft please see our home page.

Network Latency 0,00 ms

Time from our router (Brescia, Italy) sending a packet to the destination (The MIX router, Milan, Italy) receiving it.

less than 10 = perfect / 10-50 = optimal / 50-100 = good / 100-250 = tolerable / over 250 = problematic

Internal Temperature 0,00°C

The internal temperature of the rack where the servers are installed. To avoid fire danger or major damage all servers are configured for an automatic shutdown over 45°C.

less than 30 = optimal / 30-35 = good / 36-40 = fairly good / 41-44 = problematic / over 44 = emergency

Network Monitor
Public Traceroute
Trace the packets route from our
network to a host or an IP address
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